Mining Agitation Leaching Tank for Oxide Gold Ore
Mining Agitation Leaching Tank for Oxide Gold Ore
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Y&X
Certification: Quality Management System Cerification
Model Number: Agitation Tank
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Packaging Details: Standard Shipping Packaging
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Name: Mining Agitation Leaching Tank For Oxide Gold Ore
Application: Mineral Machine
Keyword: Agitation Leaching Tank
Certification: Quality Management System Cerification
Purpose: Leaching Tank For Oxide Gold Ore
Attributes: Leaching Tank
Specification: 2500×2500
Models: Ф3.15×3.55
Matching Motor Power: 4kw
Product Description

Mining Agitation Leaching Tank for Oxide Gold Ore

The impeller of the mixing tank is driven by a motor and a V-belt or a gear motor, so that the solid particles can be suspended and the medicament and the slurry can be fully mixed. Its functions include slurry mixing, mixing storage tanks, improving mixing, and medicament mixing. 



The product is used in the carbon slurry method and cyanidation process. Its structural characteristics are that the upper and lower impellers are encapsulated by steel plates and connected by bolts; good balance, easy to use and maintain, and long service life; the main shaft is divided into upper and lower layers, connected by positioning flanges to reduce the height of the sling; the inflation is dispersed at each point , Has good gas mixing performance.


Gold Leaching Tank

1.The impeller of this leaching tank is lined with wear-resistant rubber, low rotation speed, and long service life.
2.Moderate agitation intensity, and uniformly distributed in pulp concentration and fineness, which can improve the leaching rate of cyanidation and the adsorption rate of carbon;
3.Adopt two new impellers, the agitation tank is featured with a large impeller diameter, low rotation speed, small power consumption, which can reduce the wear of carbon;

Name Mining Agitation Leaching Tank for Oxide Gold Ore
Model Agitation Leaching Tank
Attributes Mining Machine

Mining Agitation Leaching Tank for Oxide Gold Ore 0


Main Applications

It is suitable for slurry (solid particle size <1.0mm, specific gravity <4.7, concentration <70% (mass ratio)), strong stirring without sedimentation, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life of the stirring impeller. It is mostly used for slurry preparation in mineral processing plants, hydrometallurgical plants and some light chemical industries.​




of cell



Revolution of impeller Diameter of impeller Diameter of feed pipe Diameter of discharge pipe   Weight
Models Speed ratio Matching motor power
  mm r/min mm mm mm     kw kg
Ф2.5×2.5 2500×2500 6 65 8000 2-Ф133 2-Ф133 XLD2.2-4-29 29 2.2 2800
Ф2.5×3.15 2500×3150 13 57 935 2-Ф125 2-Ф125 XLD2.2-4-29 29 2.2 3120
Ф3×3.15 3000×3150 18.93 51 1130 2-Ф150 2-Ф150 XLD4-5-35 35 4 5300
Ф3.15×3.55 3150×3550 24 43 1260 2-Ф150 2-Ф150 XLD4-5-35 35 4 5488
Ф3.5×3.5 3500×3500 29 46 1310 2-Ф150 2-Ф150 XLD5.5-5-29 29 5.5 7820
Ф3.55×4.0 3500×4000 35 36.3 1310 2-Ф150 2-Ф150 XLD4-5-35 35 4 6646
Ф4.0×4.5 4000×4500 50 33.5 1500 2-Ф150 2-Ф150 XLD7.5-7-43 43 7.5 8285
Ф4.5×5.0 4500×5000 71.67 33.5 1750 2-Ф159x6 2-Ф159x6 XLD7.5-7-43 43 7.5 10800
Ф 5.0×5.6 5000×5600 98 31 1900 2-Ф159x8 2-Ф159x8 XLD11-8-47 47 11 13340
Ф5.5×6.0 5500×6000 112 31 2100 2-Ф159x8 2-Ф159x8 XLD11-8-47 47 11 18745
Ф 7.5×8.0 7500×8000 268.6 21 2900 2-Ф159x8 2-Ф159x8 XLD22-10-47 47 22 32796
Ф8.0×8.5 8000×8500 342 16.4 3200 2-Ф159x8 2-Ф159x8 XLD22-11-59 59 22 42467



Why choose our company machine?

Q1: Hi, are you a mining machinery manufacturer?
Answer: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of mining machine. Our company welcomes customers to visit our factory at any time.

Q2: How long is the warranty period of your equipment? Does your company provide spare parts?
Answer: The warranty period of our machine is one year. For those wearing parts, we guarantee to provide high-quality parts for a long time.

Q3: How long does it take to deliver?
Answer: Production usually starts after receiving the advance payment. Small machine is guaranteed to be delivered within one month. Large-scale machine is guaranteed to be delivered within 2-3 months.

Q4: Do you provide machine operation guidance?
Answer: Yes. We have professional engineers for installation, commissioning and operation guidance.

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