WGM Series Iso9001 High Pressure Roller Mill Mining Auxiliary Equipment
WGM Series Iso9001 High Pressure Roller Mill Mining Auxiliary Equipment
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Y&X
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Roller Mill
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iso9001 high pressure roller mill


mining high pressure roller mill

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Name: Roller Mill
Type: High Pressure
Model: WGM Series
Adcantage: Simple And Reliable
Origin: China
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Product Description


The high-pressure roller mill adopts innovations in integral frame technology, end flange baffle technology and corresponding mechanical structure, hydraulic principle, etc., which reduces the "edge effect" and uneven roller surface wear of existing high-pressure roller mills, and increases Service life of side baffles.


1.Overall frame technology

When the material on the roller surface is eccentrically loaded, the axes of the two rollers are always parallel:
The bearing seats on both sides of each roller system are rigidly connected by side plates and torsion beams to form an integral half-frame body, and are respectively hinged with the base through two pin shafts

image.png image.png Traditional high pressure roller mill

image.png image.png High pressure roller mill

微信图片_20211111160526_副本.png Design and manufacture of the overall frame of the roller mill



Technical advantages of the overall frame:
1) Ensure that the axes of the two rollers are parallel and the relative position is stable
Relying on the rigidity of the overall frame, the axes of the two rollers are forced to be parallel. Even when the roller surface is unbalanced, the two rollers always maintain the axis parallel and the relative position is stable.
2) The hydraulic and control system is simple and reliable
In addition to ensuring the cylinder pressure, the hydraulic system of the traditional high-pressure roller mill needs to correct the axis of the moving roller. The hydraulic principle is complicated, and the cylinder pressure and the displacement of the bearing seat are difficult to balance, the response speed is slow, and the correction is not timely.
Our pressure roller mill hydraulic system only focuses on ensuring the cylinder pressure, providing constant crushing force, high reliability, and simple maintenance. In addition, the overall frame technology eliminates a large amount of control logic used to correct the deviation of the moving roller, and the control system is greatly simplified.
3) The roll surface replacement time is shortened by more than half
The integral frame body articulated structure + split type bearing seat greatly shortens the replacement time of the roller system, reduces the loss of production shutdown, and reduces the labor intensity.
4) Extend the service life of the main bearing
Reduce stress concentration and improve bearing life.

Bearing force of traditional high pressure rollerimage.pngOur high-pressure roller bearings are stressed

2.End flange baffle technology

The flange baffle clamp wraps the high-pressure side material and rotates together with the roller surface:
The overall frame technology ensures that the two rollers are parallel and the relative position is stable. Based on this, the end flange baffle technology is implemented: a flange baffle whose outer circle is slightly larger than the roller diameter is rigidly connected to the end surface of the fixed roller.


Technical advantages of end flange baffle:
1. Weaken the inherent "edge effect" (the phenomenon of rough edges) of traditional high-pressure roller mills, and significantly increase the fine-grained content of the discharged material.



The end flange baffle plate is rigidly connected to the roller end surface, which ensures the extrusion stress of the side material, basically eliminates the "edge effect", and the output fine particle content is significantly increased, which is especially suitable for open-circuit rolling conditions.
2. The stress distribution is uniform across the width of the roll, the roll surface wears evenly, the roll gap can be kept stable for a long time, and the discharge particle size is stable.
3. The change of the wear trajectory greatly increases the service life of the side baffle and improves the equipment operation rate.

image.png 微信图片_20211112135408.png

Traditional high pressure roller mill high pressure roller mill Traditional high pressure roller mill high pressure roller mill



The traditional high-pressure roller mill high-pressure side material forms high pressure, high speed, and continuous scouring on the side baffle plate, and the side baffle plate has a short service life.

In our high-pressure roller mill, the end flange baffle wraps the edge material and rotates together with the roll surface, which changes the wear track (there is basically no relative movement between the high-pressure edge material and the baffle plate), which greatly improves the life of the side baffle plate.


3.IoT remote operation and maintenance system

Can achieve:

1. Equipment operation data collection and analysis: equipment production parameter optimization, fault prediction and remote assistance, and reminder of vulnerable parts.

2. Eliminates long-distance network laying, which is convenient for maintenance and management.

3. Fast fault response capability.

4. Establish a network cluster for customers, so that stand-alone devices scattered everywhere can be connected to a small DCS network.

5. Build a complex industrial process management platform for customers, making remote OA possible.

6. Facing the future, wireless coverage of the factory area and centralized control center, and unified upload of single-machine data.

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