Hydraulic Central Transmission Mining Thickener Gold Mining Machine
Hydraulic Central Transmission Mining Thickener Gold Mining Machine
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Y&X
Certification: Quality Management System Cerification
Model Number: NXZ Hydraulic Concentrator
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Central Transmission Mining Thickener


Hydraulic Central Mining Thickener


sinomin Gold Mining Machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard Shipping Packaging
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Name: NXZ Hydraulic Concentrator
Application: Mineral Concetrator
Energy: Energy Saving
Motor Type: AC Motor
Motor Power: 3KW
Diameter: 6m
Condition: New
Origin: China
Product Description

NXZ Hydraulic Central Transmission High-efficiency Concentrator for Mineral Processing


Concentrator is generally used for concentrate concentration and dehydration of tailings before filtration in dress plants to concentrate the ore pulp with concentration of 20-30% to concentration of 40-70%. It is widely used for concentration and purification of slurry containing solid materials in industries of ore dressing, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, construction materials, and source water and wastewater treatment, etc.


Hydraulic Central Transmission Mining Thickener Gold Mining Machine 0


This concentrator is a new central transmission, automatic rake-lifting high-efficiency concentrator. It is widely applied to the handling of various industrial slurries, such as ore dressing, coal, metallurgical and chemical slurries, etc.

1.Large handling capacity (up to 2.5-4m³/m2) and high concentration efficiency.

(1)At the center, feeding is conducted at deep layer, and the technology of horizontal sediment reduces height of sediment and decreases the kinetic energy of solid particles.

(2)It is equipped with the dosing device, and there is a static mixer and three dosing points within the feed pipe, which can adequately mix the agent and materials and has good flocculating setting effect.

2.Hydraulic multi-drive, stepless speed regulating, high mechanical strength, with the function of overload protection.

(1)Central transmission device structure synchronously drives the outer gear ring of central slewing bearing for multiple hydraulic motor reducers, thus driving the spindle and rake to rotate. It can achieve stepless speed regulating and meet requirements of different working conditions.

(2)The spindle is a shaft with large-diameter thick-walled tube, with high mechanical strength and nice stability.

(3)The cover of transmission case is above the oil level, and never leaks oil. Lubrication of the transmission device is good.

(4)It is equipped with pressure control device; it will automatically stop when overloading and cause no harm to the equipment.

3.Hydraulic automatic rake-lifting, stable and reliable.

Hydraulic rake-lifting device and hydraulic driving device share a combined hydraulic power pack. The oil level reflects scraping resistance, and the spindle and rake will automatically lift or lower down along with the change of scraping resistance and will not press the rake.

4.Defoaming device is set up (optional based on nature of materials), and the overflow water becomes clear.

There is no foam produced on the tank surface, fine materials are sedimented adequately and rarely go into the overflow, and the overflow water becomes clear.

5.Simple transmission device structure, convenient for maintenance.

6.Automatic feed dilution system and underflow concentration monitoring system can be added as required by the working conditions of the user.


Models Inner diameter Depth Area Rotating speed of rake Speed of rake lifting Height of rake-lifting Production capacity Oil pump motor unit Hydraulic motor reducer Hydraulic cylinder for rake-lifting Power Machine weight
  mm mm m2 r/min mm /min mm d/h       kw kg
NXZ-6 Ф6000 3100 28.27 0.2 ~ 0.4 32 350 50-100 25SCY14-1B NHM2-280 HGS-140/50-350 3 5297
NXZ-8 Ф8000 4762 50 0.3 ~ 0.4 35 500 100-200 25SCY-132M-4 H2B100-NHM2-100 HGS-140/50-500 7.5 16310
NXZ-15 Ф15000 4510 176 0.1 ~ 0.4 35 450 350-400 25SCY14-1B H2B100-NHM2-100 HGS-140/S0-450 7.5 24181
NXZ-16 Ф16000 4545 200 0.1 ~ 02 31 450 400-600 25SCY-132M2-6 H2B100-NHM2-100 HGS -140/50-450 5.5 28520
NXZ-18 Ф18000 4545 254 0.1 ~ 02 31 450 650-900 25SCY-132M2-6 H2B100-NHM2-100 HGS -140/50-450 5.5 30492
NXZ-24 Ф24000 5343 450 0.11 ~ 024 31 450 1000-1500 25SCY-132M-4 H2B100-NHM2-100 HGS-140/50-450 7.5 38066
NXZ-30 Ф30000 5343 706 0.11 ~ 0.24 31 450 1500-2000 25SCY-132M-4 H2B100-NHM2-100 HGS-140/50-450 7.5 48210
NXZ-45 Ф45000 8033 1590 0.045 ~ 0.067 50 600 2400-3000 40SCY14-1B H2B100-NHM2-100 HGS-140/50-600 11 77200
NXZ-53 Ф 53000 6946 2206 0.045 ~ 0.067 60 600 3000-4000     HGS -140/50-600 15 99610
NXZ-62 Ф62000 8439 3012 0.043 ~ 0.063 40 600 4500-8000     HGS-140/50-600 18.5 130100
NXZ-80 Ф80000 9385 5026 0.0125 ~ 0.05 40 600 8000-11000     HGS-140/50-600 22 1920360
NXZ-100 Ф100000 8832 7853 0.0125 ~ 0.M 55 800 15000-18000 63SCY14-1B NHM3-250 HGS-140/50-800 30 2398500




Why choose our company machine?

Q1: Hi, are you a mining machinery manufacturer?
Answer: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of mining machine. Our company welcomes customers to visit our factory at any time.

Q2: How long is the warranty period of your equipment? Does your company provide spare parts?
Answer: The warranty period of our machine is one year. For those wearing parts, we guarantee to provide high-quality parts for a long time.

Q3: How long does it take to deliver?
Answer: Production usually starts after receiving the advance payment. Small machine is guaranteed to be delivered within one month. Large-scale machine is guaranteed to be delivered within 2-3 months.

Q4: Do you provide machine operation guidance?
Answer: Yes. We have professional engineers for installation, commissioning and operation guidance.

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