The feeding particle size and pulp concentration of the flotation machine are very important

July 1, 2022

Latest company news about The feeding particle size and pulp concentration of the flotation machine are very important

For the level of flotation effect, the pulp temperature also has a certain decisive role. Properly increasing the pulp temperature can improve the flotation speed and higher flotation index. At the same time, the pulp temperature also has a certain influence on the flotation reagent. In general, the effect of inhibitors and activators is enhanced and accelerated when the pulp temperature is higher. When the pulp temperature is low, the effect will be slower, and the flotation index will be reduced. From this, it can be inferred that the temperature of the pulp in winter and summer is quite different. Therefore, in the operation process, in order to ensure the flotation index, we should pay attention to the adjustment of the pulp temperature at any time.

The flotation process is one of the important processes of mineral processing equipment, and the flotation machine is the main representative of the flotation process, which perfectly demonstrates the superiority of the process. In the production process, if you want to play a 100% effect, it is the key to grasp the stirring intensity and time. The stirring intensity controls the reaction between the ore particles and the agent, and the stirring time determines the reflection effect. The two complement each other and are closely related.

The stirring of the pulp during the flotation process of the flotation machine is divided into two stages: one is the stirring before the pulp enters the flotation machine; the other is the stirring after the pulp enters the flotation machine. The former is carried out in the adjustment tank, and its function is to accelerate the interaction between the ore particles and the agent. The stirring of the latter in the flotation machine is to suspend the ore particles and disperse the bubbles, so as to promote the adhesion of the ore particles to the bubbles. Strengthening the stirring in the adjustment tank can promote the effect of the ore particles and the agent, shorten the adjustment time of the pulp and save the amount of the agent. The stirring intensity of the adjustment tank depends on the impeller speed. The higher the impeller speed is, the greater the stirring intensity.

The strength of any process is not the bigger the better, there is a good value for itself. Proper stirring intensity will only make the flotation machine process more effective. When the strength exceeds the optimum value, it will cause a series of unnecessary troubles, such as equipment wear and ore particles attached to air bubbles falling off. The intensity is the same, and so is the time. Different medicines require different stirring times. The stirring time is related to the nature of the medicine, and can be analyzed according to the actual situation.

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