Qixi-Chinese Traditional Festival for You and Your Love

August 12, 2021

Latest company news about Qixi-Chinese Traditional Festival for You and Your Love

How long have you said 'I love you.' or show your love to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend since the last time you did?

Qixi-a traditional festival that will be cellebrated as a day for your love in Chinese lunar calendar, just as Valentine's Day in western countries. There is a lovely leged about Qixi in ancient China. It is said that there was a boy living with his brothers and sisters after their parents died. However, his siblings always tortured him and even expelled him out of their family. When he left the house, his siblings gave him a grey cow companying with him. Then, the surprising thing happened. In fact, the big grey cow was a incarnation of one person living in the heaven. He told the boy the shower time of the heaven girls. Then the boy brought one of the heaven girs' clothes when she took a shower。 Actually, after getting well with the boy for some days, they loved each other with a happy ending.

As the society updates, we have totally different ways of knowing someone or celebrating festivals. For knowing someone, maybe you can search his/her Wechat account, Facebook account or getting know each other on a party or something like that. After beginning to date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are a lot of ways to show your love in any time, not only in festivals. For example, you can go out for a meal, go for a movie or hang out in the park...... Actually, if we truely love someone, we can't help showing how you love them in daily time.

So, cook a meal for your love, or stay with your love, or even call the people who you love. The true Valentien's Day is not only on Feb. 14th, or July 7th in lunar calender, it is on every ordinary and simple day spending with your love.

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