New trends in the development of China's mining industry

November 3, 2021

Latest company news about New trends in the development of China's mining industry

First, the construction model tends to be integrated

my country's current mining industry equipment basically tends to be integrated, and the general contracting model of integrated design, procurement, and construction is a common practice. It can not only save investment, shorten construction period, improve quality, but also promote technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Its role and significance are beyond doubt. Longzhong's integrated sand washing and recycling machine is inseparable from its integrated function. This is also a major trend in the development of the mining industry.


Second, the construction concept tends to be low-carbon

Low-carbon development is the trend, the requirements of various regions, the hope of the industry, and the natural pursuit of corporate sustainable development. As an important stage in the life cycle of buildings, low-carbon building construction is a key link in realizing resource conservation and energy saving and emission reduction in the L-domain of buildings, and is an important bargaining chip for construction companies in the future market competition. To this end, we must integrate the concept of low-carbon construction into the development of the enterprise, pay more attention to the whole life cycle of buildings, strengthen technology research and development and innovation, and focus on the promotion and application of new technologies, new materials, new equipment, and new processes, so as to save resources to the greatest extent. Energy consumption, realizing energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection. The fine sand recycling machine, sand washing and recycling integrated machine, and dewatering screen equipment of Longzhong Heavy Factory are all low-carbon environmental protection equipment.


Third, the mode of production tends to be industrialized

For a long time, the development of the mining industry has low efficiency and high energy consumption. The reason is that there are many manual operations, many on-site productions, many wastes of materials, and many construction personnel at the construction site. The industry scale of the mining industry depends on the sea of ​​people. Tactics, by working overtime, by wasting resources, and even by sacrificing lives. Taking the road of new construction industrialization of "standardization of mining design, factory production of component parts, assembly of construction and production and operation information" is the development direction of the modern construction industry. From the development experience of foreign developed regions, we can see that the implementation of mining production methods can improve the quality and level of projects, increase labor productivity, save resources and energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce the construction industry’s dependence on increasingly tense labor resources. Obvious features. At present, all localities are vigorously promoting the industrialization of new types of mines. First, we must strengthen administrative promotion, and cultivate an effective market for construction industrialization through policy guidance and target assessment. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen demonstration drive, and promote the entire work through the construction of industrialization demonstration bases and demonstration projects. Third, we must strengthen technical support and establish a corresponding management, design, construction, and installation system through key technology research and development and standard formulation. Fourth, we must strengthen propaganda and build momentum, and constantly create a good atmosphere for development.

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