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In the area of ​​110,000 square meters can mining machine, modern office space, research centers and standardized plant more than 35,000 square meters, with fixed assets of 150 million. Companies machining ability. Has more than 160 sets of various types of equipment, including vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, boring and milling drilling and other processing equipment, testing equipment, such as static and dynamic balancing machines, CNC flame and plasma cutting machine, hydraulic shears, paper tube machine, automatic submerged arc welding, welding platform, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine and other specialized welding equipment. Can be set up in the mining machine casting plant, sandblasting workshops and other facilities. The company has formed an annual processing capacity of over 50,000 tons.


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Sinomining machinery has been focusing on technology investment since its establishment. It has close technical cooperation with Central South University, Northeast University, University of Science & Technology Beijing, China University of Mining and Technology, Zhejiang University and other well-known universities. The company has established CAD aided design system. Main products: production, installation and commissioning capacity of flotation machine, mixing tank, central drive high efficiency thickener, peripheral drive sectional rake high efficiency thickener, deep cone thickener, etc.


Sinomining machinery strictly implements ISO9001 quality management system. In accordance with the requirements of continuous improvement, the company continuously improves and perfects its products. In the process of establishing a modern enterprise system, the company continuously increases its technological innovation ability, pays attention to the research and development of high and new technology, and pays attention to the horizontal cooperation among enterprises to achieve complementary advantages. The company's business philosophy is "integrity, innovation, quality service, customer satisfaction.".


The tailings dry discharge and comprehensive utilization technology vigorously promoted by sinomining machinery has played a great role in promoting the construction of green mines and tailless mines in China



Part Catalogue of Patented Products


No. Patent Type Patent Name Patent No.
1 Practicability Foam scraper assembly on center drive thickener ZL 2012 2 0473291.2
2 Practicability Counter spiral stirred tank of central drive thickener ZL 2012 2 0473934.3
3 Practicability Swirl feeding device on central drive thickener ZL 2012 2 0473521.5
4 Practicability Defoaming mechanism on thickener ZL 2013 2 0345971.0
5 Practicability Liquid level automatic control device of flotation machine ZL 2012 2 0474367.3
6 Practicability Elastic cleaning device on belt conveyor ZL 2012 2 0473863.7
7 Practicability Mechanism to replace lower bearing of classifier ZL 2012 2 0473960.6
8 Practicability Integral frame of overflow ball mill ZL 2012 2 0473536.1
9 Practicability A distributing device of thickener ZL 2011 2 0490502.9
10 Practicability Plow type rake frame of high efficiency thickener ZL 2011 2 0490467.0
11 Practicability Power supply system of thickener control part ZL 2013 2 0346124.6
12 Practicability Feeding mechanism of central thickener ZL 2013 2 0346086.4
13 Practicability Defoaming device of central drive thickener ZL 2013 2 0352603.9
14 Practicability Anti deviation device of deep cone thickener ZL 2013 2 0345977.8
15 Practicability Electric protection system of peripheral drive thickener ZL 2013 2 0345910.4
16 Practicability Anti deviation device of large central drive thickener ZL 2013 2 0346137.3
17 Practicability Liquid level control system of thickener hydraulic system ZL 2013 2 0346089.8
18 Practicability Deep cone thickener ZL 2013 2 0346086.4
19 Practicability Defoaming mechanism of thickener ZL 2012 2 0473998.3


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