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Anhui Sinomining Machinery Co., Ltd

Y&X Beijing Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2014.As a member of a family mining group, the mission from the beginning was to expand overseas markets and provide one-stop professional services for overseas mining companies.

The mining group owns various type mines including iron, copper, molybdenum, lead-zinc, phosphorus, gold, etc,and has experience in processing of large-scale depleted iron ore, pioneering the application of high-pressure roller mills in low-grade iron ore; we have many successful experiences such as low-grade copper recovery technology, flotation technology of easily sludge copper mine, etc.

We have copper and cobalt oxide collectors, gold leaching agent that completely replaces cyanide,depressant of easy floating gangue, frother for high mud content mineral ore, tin collector, reagent to replace potassium dichromate, etc.


Our design cases are also cover ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and gold mines. We has Professional Grade A Qualification in The Metallurgical Industry(Metallurgical and Mining Engineering), Grade A Credit Certificate of Engineering Consulting Unit, Grade A Qualification In Construction Industry(Construction Engineering), which Serving more than 200 mines and undertaking more than 700 projects, including copper mines, gold mines, iron mines, zinc-lead mines, etc.,has rich experience in mines, especially in large and medium-sized mines. Y&X Company, as its overseas promotion center, we are responsible for its whole overseas marketing.

We are not only provider but also end user. This unique advantage is destined to make us extraordinary. We understand the real needs of our users better than others. The rich experience accumulated in long-term production practice allows us to provide the most reasonable and high-quality solutions from the perspective of customers when providing services to customers.


Why choose our company machine?

1. We will do our best to satisfy every customer's needs

Producing high-quality and reliable machines is our first priority, because we know that our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customers. We never give-up quality to save cost.

2. Training & service

Training is FREE to every customer. Whenever you need us, for installation, maintenance, or proper use of our company machines, we will be right there for you. In addition, we provide one-year warrantee to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away.

3. If you are new for this business, I will help you

Many thanks for your trust; we can provide you with the pre-services of design scheme for complete production lines, spot inspection and operator training according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot, we can help you choose the right equipments, drilling rig, Loader, trucks, excavators and so on

4. We will recommend a suitable type for you and send you a best quotation

The main structure of the jaw crusher is composed of stander, eccentric shaft, belt pulley, flywheel, movable jaw plate, wrist plate, adjustable gap screw, offsetting spring and fixed jaw plate. The wrist plate also has the effect of guarding.


Led the way :

  In 1956 , China 's first wholly owned energy Dong Li Zhuji , Zhejiang Zhuji predecessor machinery Mining Machinery Plant ( state ) was established , becoming the first flotation machine manufacturer .

  In 1958, the predecessor of Huaibei Mining Bureau machinery plant can be established , the main products for the concentrator and dosing devices.

  In 1970 , the first meeting of beneficiation manual finalized held in Zhuji mining machinery plant . All key technical personnel mines , management experts and national mining industry veterans attended the meeting. The mining machine can lay the dean position in the mining machinery industry.

  2005 , Zhuji mining machinery plant restructuring , renamed " Dong Li machinery " , the former director of Zhuji Mine Machinery Factory Zhao served as technical advisor can mining machine , a wholly owned subsidiary in the East can stand mechanical honorary director. The main products of flotation machine , mixing tank , grading machines.

  So far, the machine has the ability to energy and mineral beneficiation complete sets of production equipment , and has won recognition and praise at home and abroad .

Armored cavalry :

  Ten years ago, a subsidiary of mining machine can " Dong Li Machinery " has become friendly and cooperative units of Western Mining in the field of non-ferrous metals and laid a solid foundation.

  In 2008 , Huaibei Mining Bureau Machinery Plant restructuring, officially changed its name to " the energy and mineral machine ." Is concentrated in the energy and mineral machines in the field of machine foundation compacted .

  Subsequently , the introduction of foreign mining machine capable of Sweden advanced fabric technology, keeping pace line concentrator brand, has a long history of manufacturing and processing , while technological innovations ushered in again .

  In 2002, the inventor of China 's first thickener Zhang became chief engineer in the energy technology of mining machine , mining machine in the core energy technology and personnel once again been strengthened.

  In 2002 , Tong Li can become a wholly owned subsidiary.

  In 2003, the new plant can 110000m3 build a modern , standardized plant and office space 40000m3. And the introduction of more than 160 sets of various types of equipment , including vertical lathe, horizontal lathe , boring and milling drilling and other processing equipment , testing equipment , such as static and dynamic balancing machines , CNC flame and plasma cutting machine, hydraulic shears, paper tube machine , automatic submerged arc welding, welding platform , carbon dioxide gas welding machine and other specialized welding equipment.

  In 2004, able to set up a casting plant . The company has formed an annual processing capacity of over 50,000 tons .

  In 2006, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anhui able Echo Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was established , focusing on the occupation of dry tailings discharge treatment, sewage treatment and other environmental protection equipment manufacturing and supply , supporting technology and general contracting, approached a number of dry tailings discharge works and Government key projects.

Cemayangbian :

  After mining machine in the plant has been able to undertake a succession of more than 400 projects at home and abroad , with more than 200 large and small mining enterprises at home and abroad to start a close cooperation in production and technology , providing the most satisfactory service and the strongest technical support.

  In the field of non-ferrous metals , the energy and mineral machine has to undertake the expansion of the western lead-zinc mining 1.5 million tons , Hyperion highest (4700m) Metallurgical Group 2000 tons zinc, southern Hunan Linwu mining 5000 tons zinc, Sichuan days Qi Li , China Nerin Engineering copper slag and other key national projects selected , with China National Gold , Aluminum Corporation of China , China Minmetals , Western Mining , Western gold to start a close technical exchanges and cooperation in the field of non-ferrous metal glow strong there vitality.

  In the field of ferrous metals , the energy and mineral products machine has been Chongqing Iron & Steel , Panzhihua Iron and Steel , Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Pro Steel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel and other well-known mining enterprises in production and use, and the customer has won recognition for the energy ferrous metal mining machine in the field of development has laid a solid foundation.

  In the field of compound fertilizer , the machine has to undertake energy and mineral CNOOC Hubei major projects DYK 6 million tons of phosphate rock , Yihua Group , Zhongfu chemical, Yang Feng Hubei , Chongqing Fuling Chemical , etc., in the field of compound fertilizer down a solid step by step .

  In 2011, Russian exports of energy and mineral treasure gold mining machine ----- Russia 's largest silver lead and zinc .

Full steam ahead :

  2013 , China Mining Conference held in Tianjin on Miss Cai Danni Overseas Division Manager at the annual meeting of the representatives of the mining machine can mine a short speech . Chinese Gold Song Xin , chairman , chairman of Minmetals , China Aluminum chairman and posed so their cordial conversation .

  CCTV CCTV interview column Mining Division Manager of Overseas Friends of flowers Du had an exclusive interview with the chairman , discussion on the situation in the mining machinery industry at home and abroad .

  Minister of Land and Resources of Xinjiang , Anhui Provincial Department cordially met Miss Du Youhua chairman and communicate with their photo .

  Published by the Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy national core journals " non-ferrous " will star in the energy and mineral products machine " flotation ", " concentrator " as the promotion of the cover , and do a story.

  Maanshan Steel Institute published in the "modern mining " repeatedly on the mining machine were able to cover special promotion.

  China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association journal , by the State , calcium , magnesium, phosphate and compound fertilizer , director of technical research center , China's famous fertilizer expert , Professor Xu Xiucheng Zhengzhou University, served as editor of the " Phosphate & Compound Fertilizer" in the energy and mineral products for the machine special report on the energy and mineral compound fertilizer outstanding contribution to the field of machine made sure.

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